Steelsafe Site Ready is the principle temporary edge
protection system for structural steel framed structures.


Connecting to concrete structures

Connect is J-Safe’s expertly designed Edge protection
System for concrete frame structures



A transportable Fall Arrest Anchorage
system designed to protect operatives
when loading and unloading vehicles.


Adjustable Site Stairs

Temporary Site Stairs offer temporary access
for workers moving between levels or
up and down embankments


Excavations and HS2

Temporary Edge Protection System
for Excavations and Cofferdams


Our mission is to eradicate injury
and death from working at height.

J-safe a leading supplier of Temporary Edge and Personal Fall Protection Equipment to the Construction Industry.

Working at height is the most common cause of deaths and severe injuries in the construction industry. Specialists in Temporary Edge Protection, Safe Site Movement and Safety on Vehicles J-Safe’s range of systems protect your workers at height and across the worksite, from the start to the end of projects.

J-SAFE systems are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards so that customers can install, reposition, remove as required and as our Edge Protection Barrier is the most robust on the market, our systems can be relied on to keep your workforce safe, whilst making your site more productive through ease of installation.

All of our systems are available for hire and sale and can be delivered UK wide, with many of our products available for next day delivery.

Our mission is to eradicate injury and death from working at height; this guides us in all we do from design through to manufacture, hire and sales and excellent customer service.

J-SAFE is the right partner when:

  • A collective system is a must
  • Scaffolding is not an option or will prove too disruptive
  • Robust, safe solutions that require minimal maintenance are preferred
  • When a one-size-fits-all method or approach is not ideal; and
  • Transparent pricing is needed

Download or request a printed copy of our latest brochure which outlines all the edge protection and working from height solutions we can provide.

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Steel-Safe Pre-Set is

J-Safe’s Edge Protection System

for steel frame structures.

J-Safe mesh barrier system connects to the steel structures by either a Web-Fix, Top-Fix or Flange Clamp brackets and is the collective safety system designed for your project.

Our system is the most versatile and the most robust on the market, this has been achieved through years of experience and clever design.

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J-SAFE CONNECT is the principle

temporary edge protection

system for Pre-Cast Concrete structures.

Connect can be used with a number of fixing types, including Cast-in Sockets or Screwbolts. The system is extremely reliable, quick to install and uninstall, so as well as keeping your workers safe it can also save your project time and money.

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